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Jazz Author Debbie Burke Interviews Donald Wayne King

Donald was interviewed by Jazz writer Debbie Burke, check it out below. The interview will also be featured in a book.

Bass player Donald Wayne King’s style is calm and almost mesmerizing, with a lot of funk. One of his favorite hangouts is a little joint in Hartford, CT called Black Eyed Sally’s – good food, great jazz. His tune “Slam” has his bass keeping the fattest beat with a screaming guitar over it, where “Latina” is more melodic and even sexy. Sometimes the layer of techno is added, making it impossible for the listener to keep still. So dance it off.

What is your musical background?

I’m self-taught and started playing bass after playing around with a six-string guitar at the age of 12.

Why did you choose bass?

I heard a bass player by the name of Luis Johnson at the age of 13 and that’s when I started playing it. It became my choice of instrument because I love the sound of slap bass.

Full interview here

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